Governing Council President's Message

I am delighted to know that the Ghousia Polytechnic for Women is bringing out its magazine "FEMME" on 18th February 2020, comprising the activities of the institution held during the last academic year.

It is needless to say that the Indian muslims have remained deprived despite policy pronouncements and sympathetic noises particularly women. Their representation in services and in the organized private sector has been ridiculously low. Despite the efforts made, they continue to be the most backward. Their analytical powers are laid to rest. Sometimes they are not willing and sometimes they are not allowed to join the main stream.

Starting of the Ghousia Polytechnic for Women under Al-Ameen Movement has boosted the morale of muslim women to take active part in the main stream. Al-Ameen Movement has laid foundation for women's entrepreneurship and empowerment of women by starting a Polytechnic for Women.

Muslim students should know that the contest should be in the lab, library and in the classroom; to get remarkable results. They should mix more freely and more frequently with their countrymen and they should work hard to come up in life. Miracles do occur, but one has to work hard for them to happen.

Contributions of the staff members are too essential in establishing a disciplined institution and I am happy that the staff of Ghousia Polytechnic are more dedicated and committed in this aspect and I expect the same from them in future too.

On this occasion, I congratulate the staff and students and each & every one who is involved in bringing out this magazine par excellence. At the same time I wish the release programme of this magazine a grand success.

Dr. Waseem Khan .M .I
President Governing Council