Rules & Regulations

Trainees should put in minimum of 80% attendance during the training period. The trainees who are repeatedly absent and absence of 10 consecutive days without a valid reason shall be liable for termination from the course and trade.

Trainee should handle the property and equipment with utmost care and take care to preserve the cleanliness and tidiness of the building, furniture, etc.

Any misconduct by the trainee is liable for fines and also dismissal with due notice to the parents.

The Trainees must abide by the safety rules during the training period. The management does not accept any responsibility for any accidents that may happen to the trainees during the course of training.

The rules and regulations are subject to change from time to time.

Fees once paid by the trainee to the college at the time of admission shall not be refunded under any circumstances.

If a trainee discontinues his studies on his/her own or takes a transfer to other institutions, they shall clear the balance of fees if any to the institute and then only he can obtain original documents and caution deposit if any from the institute.


The institute is very particular about a common uniform dress code for the trainees. The color of the uniforms and shoes can be ascertained from the institute office

NSS and Sports

Trainees during the training period must undergo NSS activities and special camps being conducted from time to time and also take keen interest in sports and extracurricular activities for which facilities are provided.