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New Age Incubation Network (NAIN)

Entrepreneurship in Education

   Entrepreneurship is the process of designing and running a new business, which is often initially small business, and the people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs. It describe as “The capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit”. Innovation is second nature to man. This main aim of the scheme is to recognize the fact that the seeds of entrepreneurship and the innate ability to innovate must be nurtured in academic institutions. It is the need of the hour to develop a culture that produces innovators who dare to dream an original idea and pursue it till fruition. The State government and department of Karnataka Biotechnology & Information Technology Services(KBITS) would therefore work towards creating such an ecosystem in academic institutions


  The main objective of the scheme is

 To encourage students, Alumnus, research scholars and Innovator to share their innovative ideas to improve the System we have and Innovate the System we need which are local centric and to endorse, enhance and foster the ideas.

 Incubation center established in college premises will provide an environment to convert the ideas into proof of conception.

 To promote the team to develop the product to a level of profit-making assessment towards setting up start up industry.


 About NAIN (New Age Incubation Network)


 The new age incubation scheme under implementation in engineering colleges will be expanded to all professional and post-graduate institutions in two-tier cities in a phased manner. At academic institutions shall be covered under this program during the Policy Period. The selected academic institutions would be assisted to establish an incubator in the given discipline and encourage student projects. All such incubators would be networked and connected to a common portal to facilitate exchange of thoughts, ideas and collaboration across institutions and disciplines. All selected institutions would be graded on the basis of Key performance indicators. Financial assessment will be provided for three years to the selected institutions for setting up the incubator and other activities. Institutions that excel would be further supported for another two years.


Each NAIN institution will be assisted as follows:

1. Grants for supporting operational expenses in their incubator e.g. Salaries of Regional Coordinators, mentoring programs, networking meetings, conducting Hackathons etc.

2. Annual Financial support for projects for upto Rs. 3 lakhs per project

3. Training and Capacity Building for Faculty and students

4. Exposure to Support and Network Programs conducted by the departments concerned

5. Opportunity to visit international startup destinations


6. Internship Stipends NAIN institutions shall act as hubs with other academic institutes in the district acting as spokes driving the innovation ecosystem in the geography. They shall be mandated to incubate projects through competitive selection process among students, alumni as well as local entrepreneurs.

7. Students of such institutions will also be encouraged to intern with startup incubators recognized by the state government to do their mini-projects or summer/ winter projects or internships that are done during vacations. The incubators may be mandated to run selection programs throughout the state to ensure students have access from any college in Karnataka. Such projects can then also be converted to final year Projects where the university and college must involve an external project guide/ mentor as identified by such incubators.

8. GoK shall allocate 20% of the total program cost additionally towards setting up a PMU (Program management unit) in KBITS that shall be entrusted with the job of capacity building of institutional personnel responsible for management of the program at institution level, conduct networking and mentoring events for the benefit of participants and other related activities e.g. student stipend for internships. The PMU shall also be responsible for assisting in the monitoring and management of the programme.


Technology business incubators (TBIs) in institutions of higher learning: The State Government would assist in the setting up of TBIs in institution of higher learning with well-developed Research and development facilities to foster a strong link between R&D and commercialization of technologies so developed.


TBIs are proposed to be promoted in following selected thrust areas that have potential for faster growth like (the list is not exhaustive):


 Information & Communication Technology (ICT)/Internet of Things (IOT)/Software Products

 Manufacturing including Electronics systems design, Robotics and 3 D Printing, manufacturing 4.0

 Healthcare and Bio Pharma

 Agriculture and allied fields

 Clean-Tech

 Energy

 Water and its recycling

 Education

 Nanotechnology and Composites


MoU between Ghousia College of Engineering, Ramanagaram and Karnataka Biotechnology & Information Technology Services(KBITS)

The existing policy framework of Government of Karnataka, mainly the i4 (IT, ITES, Innovations and Incentives Policy 2014-2019), ESDM, AVGC policies and the Industries Policy 14-19, recognized the importance of promoting startups and the need to give the necessary impetus to tech entrepreneurship early in the day, and has invested on building incubation spaces in partnership with industry bodies; encouraging innovation in educational institutions through its New age incubation network; providing seed capital and other incentives. The objective of the State is to ensure that Bengaluru maintains the lead position in the country and to develop other important cities as startup destinations on par with top 30 international startup hubs.

Contact Details:

Dr. A. R. Anwar Khan


New Age Incubation Network

Ghousia College of Enginering

Dr. N S Kumar

College Coordinator

New Age Incubation Network

Ghousia College of Enginering

Mob no: 9535351860

Mr. Mohamed Sadiq

Regional Coordinator

New Age Incubation Network

Ghousia College of Enginering

Mob No: 7019088190



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