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New Age Incubation Network (NAIN)


Hackathon  or Ideathon is a workshops organized by Ghousia College of Engineering, Ramanagaram in association with KBITS, Govt of Karnataka. The Workshop is intended towards ideas generation, conversion of ideas into project proposals and conversion of project proposals into products.


Objective of Hackathon is to give an experience on the following to the participants:


Shoot up out of the problem: The solution you are building could actually be solving a bigger problem. The Solution might actually be looking at a completely different form of problem too. The solution might be replicable in any other industry. Let’s explore the possibilities. Relate the Technological problem with real world troubles that people are facing and how would your solution play an important role.

§ Shoot up in to the problem: A problem might have been composed of multiple smaller problems. Looking at each such smaller problem helps you set a context on what form of solution would be the best and are we eventually achieving what we set out to achieve in the first place?

§ Identification and validation of System Problems Needs

§ Invent & Implement Solutions


Selection process for Hackathon

i) Idea Generation:

Each student/alumni team shall identify Regional and Local problems (System problems needs) that can be solved with ICT (Information and Communication Technology) solutions.

ii) Proposal and approval:

a) Each team after identification of the problem shall refine the ideas and convert them to project proposals along with costing and other details.

b) Such project proposals are then placed before and reviewed by steering committee and funding will be sanctioned after the approval of the screening committee.

iii) Execution:

a) Each team shall be assigned a mentor; through mentor network during the execution of the project and the mentors shall guide the teams in carrying out their project as per guidelines.

b) The College/Mentor shall review and monitor the progress of the project during the execution stage and submit the reports to screening committee.

iv) Funding for each project:

a) Each project/idea selected by the college/incubate team shall have to be approved by the steering committee. The selected project/team will directly get a maximum funding of Rs.3.00 lakhs in two equal half yearly installments beginning at the time of incubation.

b) Subsequent installment to be released upon timely adherence according to project plan.

c) The fund released shall be used for project related expenses on pre-approved basis for project specific costs as outlined in the project plan document.




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