Courses and Trade of Study


A plumber is a tradesperson who specialize in installing, repairing and maintain pipes, fixtures and other plumbing used for potable (Drinking water). Sewage and drainage and also removal of waterborne waste in residential, commercial, industrial and public building.

The plumber reads blueprints, drawings and specification to determine the layout of plumbing system, water supply network and water drainage system, fixtures, piping equipment and controls. I plumber works in tendon with other tradesman and laborers to ensure proper specifications, legislations and policies are met and to ensure efficient completion of any projects to meet all standards of building codes and safety.

A plumber can become a class I contractor from the certificate he receives on his successful completion from the Department of Employment and Training. Scope is tremendous with demand from all construction sites, be it industrial, Commercial, private/public, or residential or even from Hospital and Restaurants, Hospitals, Software and other related industries and construction sites.