Courses and Trade of Study

Mechanic Refrigeration and Air-conditioning

Refrigeration helps in preservation of food stuffs, Medicines, Fruits, Vegetable, Pulses, Meat Dairy products, Ice products etc. Due to global warming, there is a step increase in the temperature, hence Air Conditioning has become essential in our daily life, be it in software industry or hotel industry, Hospital, educational institutes, shopping malls, theatres, auditorium and the automobile industries like trains, aviation, shipping, all types of road transport.

The scope of this trade is quite good with requirements at Dairies, Hotels and Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Theatres, Ware Houses, Hospitals, Automobile Industries, Software Industries, Cold Storage etc, the gulf and foreign demand is extremely good. Trainees in the trade can set up their own service centre’s can be contractors or companies like Voltas, Blue Star, LG Electronics, Samsung, Careers, etc can be even take up authorize dealership