Courses and Trade of Study

Electronics Mechanic

The electronic item and their usage have intruded in our daily live in a such a way that it is impossible to spend even few hours with them, right from the start of the day till we go to bed, we use multitude of Electronics gadgets to facilitate our work and to solve our problem, starting from small alarm to the complex computers or even the high end satellites from mobile phones to camcorders, the electronics item can been seen. Hence is now a part of our everyday life. Electronics particularly computers usage coupled with space age has already crept into every sphere of human activities, organization, educational institution feels the need an Electronics specialist.

Scope in this highly sophisticated and advanced branch is just immense; they find jobs in IT Industries, Health care equipment manufacturing industry, Mobile Communication, Internet Technologies, Power Electronics, Design and Manufacture of Electronics devices, appliances, systems and Equipments, Installation, Maintenance, Testing, repair and service of this items, they find placement even at state, like AIR, ITI, MTNL, BSNL, Doordarshan, ISRO, NAL, DEL, HAL, BHEL, also MNC’s like Wipro, Infosys, Dell, HP, Sony, Philips, Samsung, L.G. Electronics, etc.