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The college has a well stacked library housed in a separate building with a total area of about 737.50 Sq.m with separate halls for issuing Section and Reference section. In addition to the Main library, there are separate departmental libraries in all Engineering departments. At present the library has 48,392 Volumes on its shelves costing over Rs.92 Lakhs The library has Subscribed to online e-resources (e Journals packages) through VTU Consortium from different publishers listed below.

  1. IEEE
  2. Elsevier-Science Direct
  3. Springer e-Journals & e-books
  4. ASCE ( American Society of Civil Engineer)
  5. Taylor and Francis
  6. ProQuest Engineering and Management
  7. Knimbus Digital library
  8. Knimbus Remote Access

Besides this 22 numbers of IEEE Prints Version of Journals and Transaction have been Subscribed and 56 National Journals 18 news papers and 23 Basic Science and General Magazines are also subscribed.

IIn addition to the prescribed text books and reference books, the library has several Volumes of Encyclopedias, Hand books, technical & General Dictionaries, Project Reports, Proceedings of national & International conferences, journals, Books for Competitive examinations like KAS, IAS, GRE, GATE, TOEFEL & latest books on Basic Sciences.

The Library has been fully computerized with Easylib advanced multi-user Software, all the modules have been automated including OPAC facility. Further OPAC Facility has been extended to all the respective departments through Wi-Fi network which will provide online accesses to entire library collection. The library has 22 number Computer systems networked for library automation.


  1. Students can borrow 05 books at a time & can retain the books for a period of 15   days, the books have to be returned / renewed before the due date

  2. Teaching faculty can borrow 08 books at a time

  3. The College library has a special SC/ST book bank facility exclusively  for the use of  SC/ST students. They can borrow 02 books and they can retain the books till the end of the semester. This is in addition to the regular 05 books

  4. The college library has a Photocopying Machine to cater the needs of the staff & students at nominal rate.

  5. The college library is having the facility of accessing NPTEL (National  programme  on Technology Enhanced Learning Web Course 125+ 136 Video courses ,the library   has acquired all the NPTEL Video Courses in 02 External Hard disk.

  6. The library is arranging live transmission of ISRO-Supported VTU-EDUSAT  Lecture  programmes for the benefit of students and staff through satellite Communication.

  7. The College library is an Institutional member of DELNET. It offers access to more  than a million of bibliographic records through internet and facility to borrow books   on Interlibrary loan (ILL) and Journal articles.

  8. The college library has become the member of British Library Bangalore. We can borrow books  magazines & Videotapes from this library for the benefit of staff &  Students.

  9. The College has become the member of CMTI library Bangalore. Our college library Can utilize   certain facilities from CMTI library.The average attendance of readers is estimated at 250 per day. The number of books Consulted by the staff & students at the premises is about 150 per day and the  number of books issued for home is about 250 per day.


  • VOLUMES - 48,392
  • TITLES - 14,606
  • SC/ST BOOKS - 1,615
  • CD-ROMS (Technical)  - 1981
  • COMPUTERS Pentium IV  - 22
  • USERS   - 2000
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